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Is It Legal To Monitor Employee Behaviour?

In a recent case, it was held that the covert surveillance of employees by their employer, who set up CCTV cameras to monitor suspected thefts, was an infringement of those employee’s rights to privacy. Employers looking to monitor the conduct of their employees – particularly those using covert recording – should consider their actions carefully, […]

Handling Difficult Conversations

Handling Difficult Conversations Anyone in a role managing staff within their organisation will need to be handling difficult conversations from time to time. Whether it’s talking to someone in your department about their work not quite being up to standard, managing team dynamics or dealing with a difficult personal matter that someone wants to talk […]

What’s New In Employment in 2018

Employment : What’s new in 2018, after 2017, a significant year for employers and employees, with the Taylor Review and the Supreme Court’s ruling on tribunal fees taking centre stage. Employment status will continue to be a hot topic in 2018, with individuals designated as self-employed by their employer seeking the protections offered by worker or […]

Hearings and Public Sector Employee Investigations

Employee investigations and hearings are a regular challenge for HR professionals in the public sector. These activities form a core element of our HR Consultancy practice. To begin we ensure we focus on our client as an individual, because whatever the size of the organisation, the needs for HR support are always best initially served […]

Barristers HR Services and Support

Barristers in need of HR services and support can rest assured they’ll be well looked after by Narrow Quay HR, from our team operating from our offices in Bristol, London and Birmingham. Barristers HR solutions are our focus. We provide access to experienced HR consultants for Bar Council members who need us to be on […]

How to Manage Employee Underperformance

How to effectively manage employee underperformance is a key skill in a manager and team leader’s repertoire. This article is designed as a general guide for how to begin approaching this sensitive subject. It is not a replacement for professional advice and support so please get in touch so that we can help your particular […]

How To Improve Employee Engagement

How to improve employee engagement should be a real focus in the work of leaders, managers, team heads and of course HR professionalsHow to improve employee engagement should be a real focus in the work of leaders, managers, team heads and of course HR professionals. Employees are the heart blood of every organisation. Without them […]

Acas New Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination Guidance

Acas has published guidance for employers on how to prevent pregnancy and maternity discrimination at work. Several measures are recommended, including: •          Developing a policy that outlines the responsibilities and rights of pregnant employees (or those on maternity leave), including assurances that they will not be dismissed or made redundant as […]

HR Support for Healthcare Practices

You have found a consultancy who provide dedicated HR support for Healthcare Practices. From helping you to manage your current employees, assessing your workforce levels, or recruiting staff to support the growth of your practice, Narrow Quay HR provides customisable HR solutions to support you both strategically and tactically. HR Support Package for Healthcare Practices […]

Autumn Budget 2017 : Key Points For Employers

The Autumn Budget 2017 has highlighted a number of key points that Employers need to consider for their organisations and people. Wages The Government has confirmed that it has accepted the recommendations of the Low Pay Commission (LPC) for increases to the national living wage (NLW) and the national minimum wage (NMW). Accordingly, from April […]